Hodge’s Corner: Lakosa

Hyponik’s list of new year’s resolutions included giving up smoking, being more frugal and joining the gym. Now nestled comfortably in our overdrafts, sucking on a cigarette with no trip any fitness institution even remotely in sight, its safe to say that the aforementioned list has proved futile. One resolution we’re happy to admit we’ve followed through on though, is to get our good friend Hodge some more interview time on the site.

The first person to occupy the hot seat this year and face Hodge’s probing interview technique is Steffan ‘Lakosa’ Smith, the British producer who debuted to acclaim on Kerri Chandler’s MadTech imprint in 2012. Since then his sleek and considered House has landed on labels such as Baile Musik and 2nd Drop, with his most recent collaboration with regular partner in crime Rick Grant being released on London’s Tender Hooks.

Returning with his own inimitable interview technique for the first of many times this year, Hodge grills Lakosa with a selection of questions originally intended for cast members from MTV’s lowest common denominator shame-fest Geordie Shore. Read on to find out what Lakosa thinks of Jen and Greg, Tulisa and Newcastle United right back Danny Simpson

Do you get on with the other DJs ?

I get on with, literally, everyone.

What do your family think of what you get up to at festivals ?

They’d be very, very proud, and I could never stop them coming along with me!

You have a raunchy image, is there a different side to you ?

Yes, when I’m not working, I’m pretty wild too.

What’s your favourite Mozart piece?

‘The Marriage of Figaro’. Just kidding, I’ve no idea who he is.

Is there anything you would warn Jen about Greg ?

I had to google who the hell is Greg and Jen. Still have no clue!

Can you speak other languages ?

Can just about say ‘hello’ in Lithuanian.

Do you think your a good role model for girls?

What do you think?

Tulisa is going out with Newcastle United footie player Danny Simpson. Do you know him?

Not at all interested in football. Or Tulisa.

On nights out have you ever been sick and kept drinking afterwards?

Everyone has, haven’t they, Hodge?

Where do you see your self in a year?

Pimpin’ out my foreign girlfriend.

Any gossip?

Yeah! Me and my boy iO Sounds have got a whole new project as Lore. Our first single ‘Soul Searching’ ft. Josh Barry will be out next month! Excited about this, I’m really proud of it.


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