Kahn and Neek

Hodge’s Corner: Kahn & Neek (Gorgon Sound)

“Everyone takes their shit too seriously…” that was the conclusion myself and Bristolian DJ/Producer Hodge reached when discussing the idea behind his new semi-regular feature for Hyponik, both agreeing that it would be good to provide an occasional place for like-minded muzos to let their hair down and have a bit of fun with press. What with the success of the DJs Complaining Twitter account and the frown collection that is Depressed DJs, it’s the ideal time to show the world that they’re not all a bunch of miserable bastards.

For the latest instalment the subjects are the inimitable Kahn and the propitious Neek, also known as dread-bass outfit Gorgon Sound. The pair are firmly rooted in Bristol’s thriving music community; retaining the values of the cities sound system heritage and commitment to pressing dubplates and vinyl.

As Hodge informs: “A few weeks back I interviewed Kowton with some questions from Smash Hits magazine. I enjoyed this so much I decided to have another go. Here are some Bristol locals asking Kahn and Neek some much needed questions.”


Kowton: Neek, we all know you like house music but what is your favourite house you have ever plastered?

Neek: My favourite house was this ex-council job in Knowle West, just past that fake Tudor pub they turned into a Tesco Express. I saw a lad on a BMX steal a dog from a car. I left him to it.

For all your plastering and decorating needs in Bristol and the surrounding area, please contact Neek’s Peak Plastering service on 07980 988 905

Sam Binga: When are you going to start making Techno? Can’t see this Grime thing going anywhere to be honest ?

K & N: That’s that gay music from Germany init? I don’t think the epic 8 hour sets would suit us as we tend to mix about 7 tunes a minute and after about an hour the Buckfast wears off so we’re ready for bed mate.

Chris Farrell: The worlds of Grime and Goth don’t often collide (outside of your good selves). Who or what would be your dream pairing from these two disparate worlds?

Kahn: I would love to hear Nine Inch Nails work with Cemetery Warriors. In fact, Cemetery Warriors sounds like they could be an industrial, cyber-goth band.

Perhaps the two worlds aren’t that disparate after all, both being regarded in their own scenes as the dark-side siblings of more accessible genres. Perhaps it’s down to us to lead the way in bringing the two together.

Hodge: Kahn – Why do you wear eye liner though?

Kahn: To challenge simplistic, macho pre-conceptions of what masculinity is and must be. That, and your girl told me she likes it.

Neek: Are you jealous of his black eyes? Cos I’ll give you one in a minute, mind..

Zhou: It’s clear to see that you are both climbing the ladder to success, but what is the most memorable ladder based experience you have had?

Neek: We don’t mess with ladders cos we’re afraid of heights. The nearest we get to them is a quick game of Snakes & Ladders with the man dem before we do a show init.

El Kid – Think you’re a big boy cos you got a beard?

Neek: Think you’re a big boy cos you go gym?

Kahn: Admittedly, El Kid has the finest beard in the Young Echo Collective. However, I hear from reliable sources that he is only rocking about 3 pubic hairs as he is only just now going through anything that could remotely resemble puberty.

Hodge: And finally what are your plans for the future?

Neek: Bun out all informer, journalist, hater and mp3 wholesaler.

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