Hodge’s Corner: Hyetal

The latest in our irregular series of words from the Westcountry finds Hodge getting down to business with fellow Bristolian beatsmith Dave Corney, aka Hyetal. A producer who emanated from the city’s fertile dubstep scene in the mid-noughties, his trippy, hypercolour experiments with the sound found him a niche away from the monochrome endeavours of his contemporaries. 2011 saw Corney release his debut full length ‘Broadcast’ to much acclaim, entering a cinematic world where the vivid pallette of his previous output evolved into a textured widescreen spectacle. Of late, Corney has been moonlighting on an 80’s throwback synth vibe alongside Julio Bashmore as Velour, but the main event is just around the corner in the shape of his sophomore Hyetal album ‘Modern Worship’, released June 7th on US imprint True Panther Sounds. You can buy the LP here.

Ahead of the release Hodge cornered Hyetal and threw a series of questions at him that were also posed to super-crooner Luther Vandross in an interview from the 90’s. It seems they have a lot in common.

How does it feel to ride around in a limo and listen to your songs back to back to back?

As good as you’d imagine.

Did you expect so much success from your first solo project?


With all the experience you have in the studio as a background singer was it different to go into the studio to work on your first album?

Many have said i have a beautiful voice. You can hear my dulcet tones on my second album ‘Modern Worship’, released June 7th 2013. Buy two copies.

What do you think of your moniker of King of the bedroom?

I feel it’s genuinely well earned.

How does it feel to be loved by so many?

Warm and deeply sensuous.

Do you believe in competition?

Yes I believe in crushing it. I generally approach music as a staunch capitalist.

What do you have to say to the aspiring artists out there?

Download some software and make a hit record.

Photography: Laura Coulson

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