Hodge Vs. Kowton

Hodge sealed 2012 with the sullenly mutated ‘Dusted’ EP, released via London-based label Deadplate Records. This record showcased a darker side to Jacob Martin’s sonic artillery, which has also been recently displayed in unreleased tracks featured in his mix for Rob Booth’s Electronic Explorations. Whether it be the raw, purist house of Outboxx (alongside Matt Lambert) or riding solo as Hodge, we anticipate great things for Jacob Martin this year.

2012 was also a productive year for Kowton: kicking off proceedings with 12″s for Idle Hands, Keysound and [naked lunch]. Being a close friend of Hodge’s, the fellow Bristol resident was invited to remix ‘Turmoil’ from the aforementioned ‘Dusted’ EP. The result is a enthralling affair that utilizes only a handful of elements to achieve great results, a common occurrence in Joe Cowton’s music.

He has closed the year by causing a bloody ruckus with the release of ‘Des Bisous’ and ‘More Games’, collaborating with Peverelist on the punishing ‘Raw Code’ and announcing the release of techno/grime ogre ‘TFB’ on All Caps.

For their Vs. interview Hodge decided the best way to interview Kowton would be to base his line of questioning on a 2002 Smash Hits Magazine interview with Westlife. Kowton drew inspiration from Piers Morgan‘s 2011 interview with creator of Alan Partridge, Steve Coogan.

[full disclosure: Hyponik staff member Josh Thomas helps run Deadplate Records]

Hodge interviewing Kowton:
Is fame everything you dreamed of?

Almost – sometimes I get the train these days without feeling guilty for passing on the Megabus. I got bought a speedy boarding Easyjet ticket once. That was a dream I’ve had for years.

What makes it hard?

The wheels on my record bag, the rubber layers come of both now. The sound of plastic on concrete is hideous.

Have you met any stars that haven’t impressed you?

Afrojack – the man had an assistant to hold his headphones while he made heart signs with his hands above his head. I got told off for trying to take a beer from his private bucket of about 50 too, nobhead.

Ever had a stalker?

Just you trying to get me to answer these fucking questions!

What winds you up?

Newspapers, tv, technology breaking, lists on websites, traktor DJ’s, rain, designer trainers, jeans with frayed bottoms, crusties.

What do the lads have to pull you up on?
Everything, all the time.

What have you learned on your travels?

Don’t drink at every opportunity, keep everything you’re travelling with in one place. Also its amazing how little sleep you actually need to function.

Looking back what would you have done differently?

Fuck knows. Smoked less weed as a teenager maybe, that stuff drags you down.

Do you ever give it the big ‘ I am ‘?

Haha. Yeah, fuck off Jake!


Piers Morgan (Kowton) interviewing Steve Coogan (Hodge):

When you have done a particularly fantastic gig, how does it feel?

It feels good, nothing better than getting a dance floor moving.

How much fun do you have, Jake?

Plenty, cheers.

You’re like Jordan, really, aren’t you? A misunderstood person who only misbehaves once in a while but has a terrible reputation.

I’d say that’s accurate… one too many WKD’s in Syndicate and the next thing you know everyones talking about it.

Do the public always run up to you and shout “A-ha!” in an annoying way?

Public no, you yes.

Were you a Nirvana fan?

Yeah, I painted a huge yellow Nirvana smiley face over my wall when i was a kid adiment that I would never decide it was a bad idea…

Who is the biggest prat you have met in showbusiness?

The Young Echo Collective, collectively.

How rich are you?

Clearly not as rich as you, we can’t all afford fancy desert boots mate.

For the benefit of all your tabloid fans, can you reassure them that you won’t completely abandon your sex-drugs-lap-dancing side in this bizarre pursuit of calm middle age?

Realistically no way I’m keeping up with the likes of the Livity Sound lot but I will give it a go, I’m nearly 25 you know.

Hodge’s ‘Dusted’ EP is out now on Deadplate Records

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