Hieroglyphic Being talks us through each track on his stunning LP, The Disco’s Of Imhotep

Calling Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being prolific would be an understatement. The Mathematics Recordings founder has released more than 30 full-lengths throughout his extensive career; a back-catalogue centred around experimental, spiritual dance music. Its unique and otherworldly elements make it difficult to concisely define, but Moss describes his output as a blend of Synth Expressionism and Rhythmic Cubism, so we’ll stick with that.

His latest LP, The Disco’s Of Imhotep, comes via Ninja Tune offshoot Technicolour, and during its brief 34-minute run time sees the Chicagoan channelling a more psychedelic, celestial frequency than some of his past work, with swirling synths shimmering over the familiar blown-out kicks, and other industrial undertones. Moss creates emotional music that always feels incredibly polished, yet still raw and rough around the edges. This is by no means conventional dance music, but it galvanises you to do just that.

Moss now talks us through The Disco’s Of Imhotep, expanding on the influence of ancient Egypt, and how it helped shape the sound, style and energy of this impressive album.

1. The Shrine Of The Serpent Goddess

A sonic tribute to the ancient KMT deity Renenutet, who was a goddess of nourishment and the harvest in ancient Egyptian religion. The importance of the harvest caused people to make many offerings to Renenutet during harvest time. Initially, her cult was centred in Terenuthis. Renenutet was envisioned, particularly in art, as a cobra, or as a woman with the head of a cobra.

2. Sepulchral Offerings 

Is a form of tribute to the ones who came before you, or to the highest deity. I choose to do this offering in sonic form but the traditional manner of the ancestors you would put such things as fruit, vegetables, fowl and heads of beasts as tribute upon an alter or table as tribute.

3. Spiritual Aliances

‘Spiritual Alliances’ is about bringing all faiths and spiritualities together in harmony across the world and dismantling the concept of division.

4. Heru

Was set out to be a form of vibrational protection to elevate you high above negative energies.

5. Crocodile Skin 

Term used to have thick skin or impenetrable chakra, or not to let outside external energies penetrate your mind and soul and ego.

6. The Sound Of KMT 

It’s self explanatory, the sound manifested by me as an artist is a Black sound by nature, often imitated, but never duplicated.

7. The Way Of The Tree Of Life 

It’s a sonic testament to the fall of man and the forbidden knowledge obtained in the process of that decision or choice that our original ancestors had made, and the causing the de-evolution of our species, which is still affecting us till this day because of that choice.

8. The Disco’s Of Imhotep

‘The Disco’s Of Imhotep’ is about creating frequencies and vibrations for the listener that are conducive for him or her to heal the mind and body, and enrich the soul by creating Hemi-Synced harmonies and music that contains embedded binaural beats.

9. Nubian Energy

The sound from ‘Nubian Energy’ is inspired by Ken Nordine works, the father of word jazz.

The Disco’s Of Imhotep is out now on Technicolour. Order it here.

Featured image: Matthew Avignone

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