Hear ‘Suite 3065’ from IMYRMIND’s debut album for Money $ex Records

A hazy, swirling track bridging house and the LA beat scene. 

Berlin-based producer David Wegner aka IMYRMIND has taken his time with his first album, slowly developing his skills alongside his catalogue, with releases on the likes of Tartelet, Odd Socks, and Box Aus Holz. Now he returns to Max Graef, Glenn Astro and Delfonic’s Money $ex Records for Uniwersum Luxus, an assured 15-tracker that takes in dusty house, old school instrumental hip hop, and jazz.

On ‘Suite 3065’, Wegner deconstructs the idea of a house beat, always hinting at the 4/4 while never fully committing to it, instead allowing a gentle drum break to keep the track on course. All the while, various synth melodies swirl and reform beneath, settling for a moment before taking off again in a new shape.

Uniwersum Luxus is out February 15, pre-order it here.

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