Hear OH91’s brooding take on Caski’s ‘Traitor’

Play this on some earth-shaking subs.

Manchester label Trapped Audio is coming in strong for their second release, Traitor, a hard-hitting three-track from Caski. The Bristolian – who’s previously collaborated with Biome and Nurve, and released on Electromagnetic Fields, Keysound, and Tectonic – has invited two of his peers along for the ride this time. It features a joint effort with rising star Near, and a remix of the eponymous track from another Bristolian, OH91.

The song opens ominously with skittering percussion and a high-pitched chord, before the bassline slams through your headphones like a truck. OH91’s remix of ‘Traitor’ manages to be both overwhelmingly dark and oppressive, while also capturing an inherent house groove that makes it strangely infectious.

Pre-order the Traitor EP here.


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