Hear an exclusive 100% production mix from Gohda

We first covered Philadelphia producer Gohda back in June when he turned in a deep freeze remix of ‘Prophet’ for LTHL’s remix EP on District Sound. Since then he’s kept busy with mixes for the likes of Brunswick Sound and The Levels Are Very High.

We’re very happy to be hosting his new project – Xxplode – the first instalment in District Sound’s new series of artist production mixes, all tied together by bespoke artwork from Josh Crumpler. DSMIX001 comprises 38 minutes of 100% Gohda productions, taking in original tracks, fire edits and brain-warping experimental sections along the way.

Growing up in South Jersey before moving to Philly, Gohda was raised on hip-hop and R&B before diving head-first into the strange pool that is UK electronic music. He has a striking talent for vocal sampling which, combined with powerful, often brutal low end, drives the emotional current of his music. We’re told this particular project was influenced by ’90s hip-hop tapes and the rise of technology. Fans of grime-leaning producers such Rabit, Bloom and Mssingno will find much to enjoy here.

Xxplode will be followed by an EP of the same name, out 23rd Dec on District Sound, comprising of tracks from the mixtape.

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