Get to know: Nite Fleit

It’s been a sharp, meteoric ascent for Australian-born, London-based Alysha Fleiter aka Nite Fleit. Last year we heard her first utterances via Steel City Dance Discs, an unassuming and seasoned take on contemporary acid, electro and breakbeat. Following releases have been equally as impressive; Overcast came out in February this year on D. Tiffany’s Planet Euphorique, and her highly anticipated collaboration with close friend Mall Grab released in May on his own Looking for Trouble imprint. Both EP’s maintained Nite Fleit’s signature tough approach to club music, with a trusted and efficient formula used especially to dominate peak time.

As well as a string of releases under her belt, Fleiter’s rip-roaring rave nostalgia has seen her surpass career-defining milestones too. Three Boiler Room sets, and an appearance at techno institution Berghain are both testament the Australian’s trail-blazing rise, and further evidence of a producer with their finger well and truly on the pulse of cutting edge dance music.

With a recent high octane mix entry for Truants, and an exciting trip across the Irish Sea for Londonderry’s Jika Jika Festival this August bank holiday weekend, we caught up with Nite Fleit in a bid to ‘get to know’ one techno’s most exciting prospects.

So you’re Australian born, and now based in London. How was your Australian upbringing, and how has it shaped the artist you have become?

Haha well my Dad was OBSESSED with the Rolling Stones so that’s alll we listened to in the house growing up. He considered himself somewhat of a Mick Jagger, bringing out the classic struts and hip shakes whenever his friends were around. Then during my high school years, I was very much a classic ‘I’m Ja Rule’s biggest fan” which hasn’t aged well, but my year 8 ‘Hero’ essay on Ashanti was kept out of the Fyre Festival debacle so I’m cool with that. I got into electronic music when I started going to raves and clubs in Melbourne when I was 16 and was blown away by all the cliché’s one could expect from a 16 year experiencing that world for the first time. It wasn’t until I was a bit older that I started buying New Beat records and taught myself to DJ that I would say what shaped the artist I have become.

Why did you decide to move to London? Were there many cultural differences you had to navigate with the move?

I didn’t plan on moving; I came over because to tour the SCDD007 release for 3 months but managed to be asked by the, who I consider, best agents in London (Ollie and Ruby at Earth) to join the roster, so decided this was definitely the place for me to be. Culturally it’s 1000% than Australia.

In recent years Australia has become much more of a hub for dance music; festival culture especially. But it still remains a tough environment for clubbing culture, and clubs in general. Do you think there’s a future for clubland over there?

No idea about the future unfortunately. I had to move back to Melbourne after living in Sydney for a few years because I was flying back down once a month to play, because not only the lockouts, but the crackdown on warehouse parties/park raves/fun in general was too much.

So you’ve got close ties with Mall Grab, and his Steel City Dance Discs released your debut EP. I understand you and MG are longtime friends, and even flat mates. I’d like to know how and where you met. Did you make the move to London at the same time?

Yeah Jordon and I met back in 2015 and yes we live together. We met when I was living in Sydney and he in Newcastle; he’d come and stay at our place when he needed to be in Sydney. We didn’t move at the same time but he stayed at our house for a couple of weeks before he made the move and left to go to the airport from ours. I remember Skyping him a few weeks after he arrived and was jealous (not of the background of his Skype window to be clear – he was staying with friends – just of being overseas so close to everything) but I never thought I’d have the opportunity to live here myself.

Your productions reflect a raw and tough side of the club; EBM, electro, techno etc. What’s influenced you to make this kind of music?

I really don’t know. I think it’s a chemical makeup people have in their brains and since those unmentionable high school days, I’ve always instantly known exactly what I like and what I strongly dislike. Give me 3 seconds and I’ll say yes or no. This can be a bad thing because I have no patience, but at the end of the day, it’s just what comes out when I sit down to write music.

Is there any other musical styles you’d like to explore?

I love classical piano music, that’s the only other style of music I listen to and have made a couple of piano tracks for fun, but, no, I can’t see myself wanting to make anything else. Having said that, I rarely play my own stuff in my DJ sets so if I could make the stuff I play in my sets, then yes. I’m talking the rave-ier stuff.

You play Jika Jika Festival, Derry in August. The Northern Irish crowds are notoriously rowdy, and up-for-it. How would you look to prepare for a festival set of this nature in comparison to any other show?

Since I discovered Rekordbox and stopped records, I have a pretty meticulous way of organising my music. It would take too long to explain what I mean, but basically I’d filter my ‘Red’, ‘WPNS’, ‘4-5 star’ and ‘Peak’ tags. Sorry if that makes no sense.

Is there anyone else playing that weekend that you’re looking forward to seeing?

Obviously all my favs Mall Grab, Brame & Hamo b2b Sally C and Special Request.

I think for someone on the ascent, you’ve experienced some pretty admirable milestones already, but whats been your career defining moment so far?

Well definitely playing Berghain in Feb, but also the Southbank Boiler Room Jordon organised with Long Live Southbank (which actually led to said booking), but honestly pretty much every show I’ve played since I arrived have been proper special and I’m so grateful to those that know who they are, and feel so lucky to be able to have done something I never ever imagined.

What’s in store for Nite Fleit for the rest of 2019?

Heaps of exciting stuff! A couple of mixes I have been a big fan of for a long time, 3 EP’s and a VA (still secret, sorry) and some pretty incredible shows on my own and with my SCDD fam. To be able to travel around and play with people you know and love (the SCDD fam), is really important and better than travelling alone!

Nite Fleit plays Jika Jika Festival  24th-25th August 2019, tickets can be bought here.

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