Get to know: Adiel

Adiel built a name for herself in Rome’s Goa Club with her hazy off-kilter sets that equally mesmerise and energise. A deep euphoria grips the dancefloor through her bassy melodic dub techno. Rising these past few years as a one to watch, she’s now played at Berghain, will be off to Walking Life and Dekmantel later this year, and is shortly due to play at Printworks for Ben Klock’s event series PHOTON on March 30.

Her label, Danza Tribale, has also been in the spotlight. Adiel has been the sole producer with four releases of a similar vibe to her sets, but her fifth EP features techno sage, Donato Dozzy. He slots into the label’s sound perfectly with ‘Cavallina Matta’, a blend of tribal beats with his signature eccentric synth play.

To celebrate the release of this two track EP, we catch up with Adiel for a minute for a quick chat.

What came first, DJing or producing?


We know you’re a resident at the Goa Club, but where did your DJing career start?

It all started at Goa Club when I was 19. It has been the best school I could ever had, the place where I first came up with club culture and the place that made me understood how music was making me feel. I’ve had the best nights of my life there since the day I started DJing, it really gave me the possibility to express myself.

You collaborated with Donato Dozzy on your latest EP and it seems that your music is influenced by him, is that the case?

Donato’s music has influenced mine since I know him and dance to his sets, as many other artists of course, but one the most important thing for me is that his passion and his approach to music made me fall in love with it, understanding the effects it has in our lives. For this reason I
will forever be be grateful to him.

In a lot of your tracks there are many different cultural sounds. Has it always been your goal to mix up the way techno is usually produced?

All my life and all my experiences are reflected in what I produce; I don’t think too much about it, I just let the ideas flow naturally.

What are you excited for in 2019?

So many new things are shaping up like Photon at Printworks, Afterlife in Barcelona and Ibiza, Dekmantel and many other great events; I will release an EP on a new concept label I still can’t reveal and a forthcoming collaboration on my label.

Catch Adiel at Dekmantel Festival in Amsterdam this August. 

Tickets and more info here

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