YouTube Sessions: Gang Of Ducks

Gang Of Ducks yacht club: 10 tracks to listen to on a boat.

Obfuscation and audial darkness are two of the most distinguishable features of Turin/Berlin based label Gang Of Ducks, and in their three years of existence the collective have garnered widespread acclaim for their unique brand of noise.

They refuse to pin themselves down with a singular genre policy, describing their label’s eclectic musical ethos as HandmadeCyberSpiritualPunkSci-Lo-Fi. Featuring a hugely varied palette of sound across their releases, the collective’s constant innovation – from the broken weirdness of Oddgrad’s Propaganda Propaganda, to the skittering liquidity of Italian avant-gardists XIII – has led Gang Of Ducks to become one of leftfield electronic music’s best recognised underdogs.

In light of their recently released third anniversary compilation Paradisia – featuring New York’s Ital, Lobster Theremin alum S.Olbricht and a host of others – Gang Of Ducks have graced us with a selection of their favourite anthems to listen to on a boat. All aboard…

1. Shackleton – Twelve Shared Addictions (with Ernesto Tomasini)

Multidimensional ritual through arpeggios and high voltage cables.

2. MJC – Archetype One(Odd Nosdam Remix)

3.30 min of apnoea in the icy abyss of sociopathy.

3. Sony Walkman- ソニー ウ ォークマン – Original 1983 TV Ad

The golden age of Sony in Japan, shut up and take my money!

4. MC Money & Gangsta Gold – Stalkin with da yalk

Pouring rain of $$$.

5. Carlos Peron – Dom Pedro’s Chamber

Short delay and acid sound palette.

6. Cym Wu Khmu

A scent of flamenco in Asian wilderness.

7. D’Eon – #105

Synchronic lines linking cosmos in a supercomputer.

8. Datashock – Tod in der Saarvanne

02:00, spaceship landed.

9. Excepter – Dropped Keys

Jailbreak attempt from a neurotic structure, great!

10. Gang Of Ducks Main Theme 2015

( . Y . )

Paradisia is available now, get your copy here.

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