Gang Of Ducks break down their new record, Paradisia V

Obfuscation and audial darkness are two of the most distinguishable features of Turin/Berlin based label Gang Of Ducks, and in their five year existence the collective have garnered widespread acclaim for their unique brand of noise.

They refuse to pin themselves down with a singular genre policy, describing their label’s eclectic musical ethos as “HandmadeCyberSpiritualPunkSci-Lo-Fi”. Featuring a hugely varied palette of sound across their releases, the collective’s constant innovation has led Gang Of Ducks to become one of leftfield electronic music’s best recognised underdogs.

Their latest release sees them gather a number of close friends and artists they’ve met on their path, compiling 90 minutes of music into 19 tracks from both Gang Of Ducks regulars and debuts.

Described as “a dripping psychedelic grey rainbow palette that portrays tired ravers resting at church on Sunday morning while outside modern armies hang out with hedonistic primitive tribes under under the Paradisia sacred tree”, it’s a characteristic blend of experimental artists and music that celebrate what the label is about. Catching up with the label, we were able to take a closer look at the compilation by asking them to break down the record track by track. See below.

1. New entry in the crowd, Anastasia, opens up the selection with a series of rustling field recordings and a bunch of mutating Kick drums.

2. Aniello Maffettone follows up the psychotic expedition launched in his last ep with a wailing cry generated from singular osc merging in a waterfall of detuning effects.

3. The most kaleidoscopic migration of the journey is handed down to us by the Babau Fam – with a soup of human ingredients and drum fills, distorted synths sounds, horns and soundscapes in a lysergic blend of instrumental hysteria.

4. Best Available Technology sketches an hypnotic loop ravaging time and projecting kick drums and chords.

5. Dave Saved rides a 150 bpm dance floor prototype rotating multiple rhythms to mold an unconditionally schizophrenic track.

6. Evol makes his laptop processor speak in codes through his personal programming style, serving us ten minutes of micro-variations of the same synth repetitive language

7. Haf Haf contributes to the selection introducing a fresh composition style connected to his obsessive interest in rave music through the use of gurglings generated by some kind of filterbank from his own collection of digital synths.

8. With his own Ghamess, Heith cuts sound designs into shreds of towns creating a rainbow of gray palettes.

9. Merchants & Lyy sünnœtty pækkülyttï communicate together by fusing distorted bass with drum sounds and burning flutes announcing the rehearsal march for a digital war.

10. NMO take back the selection to the dance floor arranging vocal samples and military journeys into an ultra powered infuse.

11. Oddgrad fluidifyes his obscure attitude creating one minute and forty seconds of pulsations drowned in a gel.

12. Omar Chapati squeaks and pulls his sonic rubber band rebounding in a rhythmic arpeggio of harmonic percussions.

13. OOBE, nightmare professional, gets your mind stuck into 2 min and 44 of drunken successions of chords closing a wet stormy loop.

14. Regno Maggiore introduces himself producing a meditative carpet cracked by sacral field recordings and trumpets played faraway in the wind.

15. Sabla covers an 8 minute journey alternating delayed side sticks with shamanic atmospheres while moving slowly towards the depths of a cave.

16. Sense Fracture vomits 4.27 minutes of increasing epilepsy, where sharp rhythmic joints and obsessive leads merge to create a guerrilla scenario.

17. Tomat gives us the coordinates for a dimension in which pitch bends and hypnotic textures keep up the pace of the conversation.

18. Vaghe Stelle explores his roots through hysterical harmonizations expanding vertically.

19. XIII leads us through meditative rhythmic patterns and nostalgic voices resembling a stream of consciousness into a still-to-be-explored portion of his Eocity.

Various Artists – Paradisia V is out now on Gang Of Ducks.

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