Free Download: Indigo – ‘Absent’ (Samurai Horo)

DnB sub label Samurai Horo celebrate their tenth release with ‘Scope’, a compilation that takes in all the genre has to offer in 2013.  

The compilation,  which was released last week on Samurai Horo, an offshoot of Samurai Music Group, shows off music from the artists that have released on the label since its inception in 2011, as well as featuring cuts from the established likes of Loxy, Klute and Stray amongst others. The label takes its name from a prestigious cloak given to elite Samurai during wartime, with the music released thus far on Horo notable for its high level of experimentation and ambition.

Although previously a vinyl only fair, the tracks on ‘Scope’ have been put out as CD and digital versions in addition to being pressed on 5 pieces of wax. However, seeking to reward the record buyers that have helped them make it to this landmark 10th release, the vinyl versions all carry exclusive tracks not included on the CD and digital editions. Featuring gorgeous ambiance from Klute ( ‘Solar Heat’ ), brooding bass heavy tribalism courtesy of Stray, and glitchy halfstep by Ena, the compilation is a strong reflection of where Drum and Bass is at in 2013.

Samurai Horo were kind enough to bless us with the delightful ‘Absent’ by Indigo to give away for free download. Showcasing Indigo’s godgiven talent for generating mood in his music, absent is a slow burning number, complete with ethereal female vox and well placed jazzy piano licks.  Get your hands on a free download from Indigo and preview the compilation below.

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