Forest Drive West’s essential dub inspired jams

Joe Bakers’ Forest Drive West project has continued to progress from strength to strength. He spent years away from the spotlight carefully honing his craft before finally emerging into the public light in 2016.

From the get-go he could count the likes of Livity Sound and Rupture as fans, with records landing on both labels, as well as Neighbourhood, Whities and Hidden Hawaii. As his sound has developed, he has straddled the twin worlds of techno and jungle, but recently he has descended further down into the murky avenues of dub techno, with his latest record coming courtesy of esteemed Danish label Echocord.

The three original tracks on the EP are sparse, controlled and methodically executed, showcasing an artist with a natural ear for the style.

Following on from this, he has put together a collection of some of the essential dub inspired records in his life. In his own words, “I quickly realised that it was an impossible task to pick my favourite dub influenced electronic music tracks for a playlist as the potential list of tracks quickly spiralled out of control! These are a few of the first that came to mind.”

1. Loscil – Dub For Cascadia (Kranky)

Beautifully crafted ambient noise textures with hypnotic dubbed out chords and beeps. It’s subtle but powerful.

2. cv313 – Dimensional (Echospace)

So many great releases on Echospace. This is one of my favourites, perfectly executed meditative dub techno.

3. Sebbo – Watamu Beach (Moritz von Oswald Rework) (Desolat)

Amazing remix. The dubby ambient section at the end is incredible. Uses samples from ‘ Basic Channel – Q1.2’ and takes it to the next level.

4. Appleblim and Peverelist – Circling (Skull Disco) ‎

Pev and Appleblim absolutely nailed this track, sounds very deep but hear it on the right rig and it will move you. All about the drop at 6 min with the extra sub!

5. Pole – Winkelstreben (Peverelist Remix) (Scape)

This is a great remix 12 with Shackleton on the flip. The Pev remix just tips for me with it’s warped bass, dubbed percussion, chords and ambient textures. Mesmerising.

6. STL – Heavy Snow (Echocord)

So many great STL dub techno tracks, impossible to pick a favourite. Re-discovered this one recently.

7. Mike Huckaby – Sandcastle (The Culture Box Re Edit) (S Y N T H)

Hypnotic minimal dub house music with impeccable production.

8. In Aeternam Vale – Ultrabase (Minimal Wave)

Dub techno masterpiece, a bass heavy rolling hypnotic groove that draws you with increasing tension. It sounds like the future despite being 20 years old.

9. Babe Roots – Work Hard (DB1 RMX) (Echocord)

Incredible remix from DB1, definitely one of the most underrated producers out there.

10. Ragu And Stalker – Love Comes ‘N’ Go’s (Vinyl Addiction)

Amazing dubby jungle from 1994. Still sounds great.

11. Breakage – Ask Me (Bassbin)

Breakage was so prolific in the mid 00’s and had some amazing releases on bassbin. ‘Ask me’ has always been a favourite – trademark dub samples, and slick break edits. Killer track.

Forest Drive West’s Parallel Space EP in out now via Echocord.

Buy it here.

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