Fluxion: Music and the Moving Image

With seven albums and numerous EPs, Konstantinos Soublis’ legendary work as Fluxion spans across two decades.

Since 1998, the Greek musician has released on a variety of respected labels like Chain Reaction, Echochord, Type and his own Vibrant Music imprint. A staple of the dub techno movement, Fluxion’s music offers a unique approach to live-organic productions, with notable classics such as Vibrant Forms I and II showcasing his signature blend of techno, dub and ambient styles with innovative sound design.

Fluxion’s most recent full length, Ripple Effect, is a film score for a non-existing motion picture. The nine-track album is the result of experimentation and the combination of the producer’s two most cherished art forms: electronic music and score music. Feeling the need to bring the two musical forms together, the album’s production took two years to bring to life, with Fluxion wanting to say as much as possible through the music, leaving the visuals as a blank canvas for the listener to create their own story.

In light of the release, we caught up with him to ask for some of his favourite combinations of music and the moving image, with Fluxion discussing the works of Jóhann Jóhannsson, Vangelis, Philip Glass, Carter Burtwell and more…

1. Le Mepris OST – Theme de Camille – George Dellerue

A tale of falling out from a relationship, directed by the great Jean Luc Goddart, set in the island of Capri, at one of the most emblematic houses designed by a non architect, villa Malaparte. I am always moved by this bitter sweet theme functioning and lurking as a lite motif in the film. A great score.

2. Apollo OST – An Ending (Ascent) Brian Eno & Roger Eno

A floatation in space moving image experience, showing footage from the first Apollo missions to the moon. It sets it apart from many other space and moon scoring soundtracks, by presenting the environment as a warm place to be, as opposed to a cold and hostile place for humans.

3. Varmints OST – Escape – Jóhann Jóhannsson (at 16:48)

A wonderfully crafted soundtrack for a short animation film. Sad, despair, fear, all in this on this slowly moving piece, with voices, cello, and sound manipulation. Such a gifted writer and such a great loss. It was so refreshing to follow someone with Johann’s keen interest on sonic manipulation and compositional virtue, jumping over to the scoring of films. He managed to bring a fresh new perspective.

4. Lost Highway – Fred’s World – Angelo Badalamenti

I really like this composition, following this film’s surreal twists. I am really fond of nearly everything this collaboration between Lynch & Badalamenti has produced over the years, and through the whole scope of human emotions.

5. Blade Runner – Blade Runner Blues – Vangelis

This soundtrack is so embedded into the DNA of its movie. It adds this futuristic, yet human element to the film. I think Blade Runner Blues had this noire element that worked so nicely with the futuristic setting.

6. The Truman Show – Raising The Sail – Philip Glass

Although the score was co-written by Burkhard Dallwitz and Philip Glass, Glass’s “Truman Sleeps” and “Raising the Sail” themes, carry this signature compositional weight, making the scene very emotional leading the listener to a sustained climax.

7. The Tenant – L’Appel Du Verre – Philippe Sarde

This art house movie and soundtrack made quite an impression, when I first watched it as a college student, living abroad and still does. The intricate motif and its variations follow the lead actor from being an outsider emigrant slowly to insanity.

8. The Man Who Wasn’t There – The Trial of Ed Crane – Carter Burtwell

A great piece for a very interesting movie by the Coens, following the emptiness of the lead man character.

9. Once Upon a Time in the West – Finale -Ennio Morricone

A great Sergio Leone classic with one of the best scores ever written for a film.

10. Jacob’s Ladder – Jacob’s Ladder – Maurice Jarre

A very interesting score following the lead actors hallucinations. A score that combined sound design and ethnic tropes.

Fluxion’s Ripple Effect is out now on Vibrant Music. 

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