FKCLUB: Studio Talk

If you’ve ever caught Job Jobse or David Vunk mastering their craft in the booth you’ll be more than familiar with the kind of product Marc Lapeyre creates. It’s through his FKCLUB alias that we’ve seen the Marseilles-based producer blur the lines between heady guitar and new wave electronic music. Citing Nine Inch Nails and Mr Oizo as influences for his most recent LP with Astro Lab, FKCLUB looked to pin down Le Corbusier’s architectural movement into a specific sound, giving the album its name, Brutalism.

FKCLUB isn’t the only project Lapeyre has been a part of. Along with Astro Lab label head Laurent Pastor he’s worked on La Décadanse. Crafting a similar vibe, the pair released a self-titled EP back in 2015, and appeared on Treasure Hunting Vol.3, the chill wave 7 inch also released on Astro which they shared with French producer Fantastic Twins.

Lapeyre is a self professed gear head and much like his musical identity, the synthesizers and drum machines he utilises are vintage; engineered to produce the 80’s inspired melodies his brain so often conjures up. With our appetites wet, Laperye very kindly opened the door for us to take a peak at the setup he’s rolling with in his Marseilles studio.

1. Aria ADD100 

This is my favourite delay. It’s very rare and a guitar delay. The hold function is great to pitch in real time and creates a weird but very musical effect.

2. Sonic alienator 

It’s a MS-20 like filter with a decimation function to lower the sample rate of your sound with the filter being the best I’ve heard so far. I exchanged my Ensoniq DP/4 with the Frostwave Sonic Alienator and I haven’t regretted this move.

3. Teenage OP1 

The Teenage OP1 is my go-to synth, it sounds incredible. It’s impossible not to be inspired when you play with this baby. The sequencer section is simply the best I’ve ever used. I’ve used it on my track ‚Superamerica‘ of my last album ‚Brutalism‘ for the main ‚weird‘ theme. You could possibly make a whole album just with this synth. I’ve bought it from my friend Pilooski from Discodeine.

4. Prophet 6 

This one is simply the most complete synth I ever got to own. It’s polyphonic, full midi and sounds beautiful. You can find the Prophet 6 on every track of my new album.

5. Simmons SDS 800 

This is a synth rather than a drum machine to me. It’s great for creating weird noises and groovy drone sounds. When I bought it, I was expecting to receive just a little box, but the seller sent me all the stuff that came with it: the Bass Drum trigger, the Tom Trigger, etc… all in red. Could it be more 80’s vibe?

6. Korg PS3100

The monster synth, from 1971. Polyphonic, analogue and semi-modular. I bought it for 50 Euros in 1998. Yes, you are reading this correctly! 50 Euros.. 🙂 Of course, I had to repair it but it could easily cost 10.000 Euros these days. You can hear it on ‚Brutalism #0‘, which is the first track on my album and made using only the PS-3100.

7. Roland sh 101

In my opinion, this is potentially the best mono synth that’s ever been made. It’s simple but it can create a big sound. Also, it’s the best way to learn how analogue synths work. The SH-101 has got a great sequencer, too. I like to use it trigged with my Roland TR-808.

8. Roland tb 303

I don’t use it very often but I do like playing with it. I recently replaced the original CPU with the Sonic Potion RE-303. It’s still a TB-303 but with a significant upgrade, like midi in and out, random sequence, slide and accent. This made it more useful to me. I bought it in a thrift shop in 2000 for 100 Euros. Even back then in 2000, it was already a bargain.

9. Casio SK8

I love old Casio synths. People think they are toys but in my opinion, not at all. I like using them for the sampling section as they are very quick and musical. I use the sk8 when I play live. It may not be perfect when you sample with it but it’s still cool.

10. The chill zone

My studio is very dark , so I like looking at this fake cactus 😉 … You can also see a Ghetto Blaster which I use to listen to my final mix in mono.

Brutalism by FKCLUB is out now on Astrolab Recordings.

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