Fis lists the influences behind his new album, From Patterns To Details

The New Zealander goes deep.

Heavily inspired by the dualities of nature, experimentally-inclined producer Fis, aka Olly Peryman, has been making a steady impact over the past few years with his malleable and exploratory twist on sound system music – which has seen him release on the likes of Tri Angle and Loopy.

Following last year’s excellent LP The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now, Peryman’s latest release – From Patterns To Details, forthcoming on Subtext Recordings – is inspired in part by his work as a permaculture designer. The sounds on the album are formed from the conception of a deeper underlying order in the world, a continuity between the external body and our internal emotional landscapes.

Peryman has shared a range of music, spoken word poetry, talks and short films which have inspired the creative process behind this deeply affecting albumThis isn’t your average playlist, although tracks from Tri Angle’s Brood Ma and recent Hotflush signing PYUR do make appearances, most of the clips aren’t exactly musical. Kick back and take a journey with Fis as he shines light on how soil science and permaculture design have inspired him.

1. Water is Life – The Water Retention Landscape of Tamera.

A great demonstration that endless abundance is default and the skills for affirming that abundance are already here. There is no need for helplessness and dread, shifting desertification to oasis within 4 years speaks for itself. In this album I’ve been asking, what are the energetic signatures of perspectives like this, how do they feel in the body and how can soundwork support this…

2. Restoration Agriculture – Mark Shepard.

More pragmatic earth work in the spirit of care and optimism.

3. bell hooks and Parker J. Palmer dialogue at St. Norbert College

I came to bell hooks while studying education, and then Palmer through her references. They both embody clear, unembellished, penetrative intellects of the heart. I feel music can address audiences as communities of complete and infinite beings, students and learners can be seen in the same light too, no matter how young or old.

4. Bill Mollison – Pattern Application

Pardon the unfortunate intro music on this one! This album takes its name from a permaculture principle ‘design from patterns to details’. If you’re interested in following up on that I’d recommend this clip. Mollison’s practicality is inspiring!

5. Dr Rose Pere – Talking with Plants.

I love Rose Pere’s unapologetic matter-of-factness. I wish I could meet her in person one day. Here’s to claiming the right to be casual and straight-faced about so called ‘spiritual’ experiences. Mysticism, romance, spiritually-themed hype can serve well as entry points, but there’s a point where they also serve the idea that you’re ‘otherly and transcendent’ and not a real and dignified piece of what’s here. Yes, intuitive communication is possible with plants, animals, trees, and everything for that matter, but so what, it doesn’t end there. Anyway, these innermost aspects of ecologies and all systems in general are a focus of this album.

6. Dr. Elaine Ingham – Building Soil Health for Healthy Plants

A crash course on soil science. Thriving soil is loud. Whatever grows from great soil screams with sound and colour, forming a kind of humming halo archway. From a design feedback point of view that’s a sign of alignment, and is obviously hugely energising.

7. Rick Holland – It Feels Like a Beautiful Dream

It feels like Rick uses English to speak another mother tongue, there’s a kind of silvery, spirited light-rope in his wordplay. The words are there not just for surface meaning but for a flowing vibrational subtext. This is something I try to surrender to in my own work. The surface sonic details aren’t that important in the end, it’s the larger room of the record that almost forces me to make it.

8. Brood Ma – Esteem

I’m convinced Brood Ma is from another planet but there’s still some kind of pre-toothpaste old-earth folky grin in his music (never seen what his teeth are actually like, probably handsome). I saw him at a Progress Bar night earlier this year in Amsterdam, he lifted a few veils off the moment, only the aliens stayed on the dancefloor. This one has that intangible hearty ingredient which is hard to find.

9. Rob Thorne plays putorino in Durie Hill Tunnel (3)

Lost for words to describe our relationship and what it’s all about for each of us. It feels like it has a significant future. Our album together is so damn close to completion I can’t wait to share that record too. Rob if you’re reading this, I love you man, haha!

10. PYUR – A Tree.

As partners who both make music you can imagine there’s endless discussion going on. We see eye to eye on so much, she’s been a vital partner in life and conversation while this album grew. Her natural and genuine love of music is contagious. She’s also finished a fantastic record of her own, which is coming out on Hotflush soon.

From Patterns To Details is out September 23rd on Subtext Recordings, pre-order here.

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