First Listen: X-Altera – ‘New Harbinger’ (Sneaker Social Club)

Tadd Mullinix pulls up on Sneaker Social Club under his X-Altera cloak. 

Nine years going strong, Sneaker Social Club are a sure shot for gutsy UK sounds in all its shapes; or as they like to say it ‘crossover bass music bizzness’. Their catalogue seamless placing scene legends alongside the productions of newer names, with no compromise on quality. This sentiment is no truer in their next offering, tapping none other than Tadd Mullinix for a characteristically meaty gurn-out under X-Altera.

A producer with staggering output, Tadd Mullinix is known for his numerous cloaks, whether it’s hip-hop as Dabrye, acid-house and techno under JTC or hi-tek, gut trembling jungle with X-Altera. His signing to Ghostly International saw the release of his momentous self-titled ‘X-Altera’ album back in 2018, combining wild early jungle and D’n’B with lashings of pacey techno. Stepping out with Bristol’s Sneaker Social Club, Mullinix lays down a unique take, refocusing to the realms of 90’s jungle and hardcore with ‘New Harbinger’ EP.

With a certain knack for multi-faceted music, across the EP X-Altera manages to create separate and distinct worlds. Today we have title track ‘New Harbinger’ for your listening pleasure. A booming, amphibious cut intricately weaving wildlife atmospherics with raucous rhythms and boisterous, snarling sirens. A delicately twinkling, hair-bristling refrain is laced through in the latter stages for that final tear-jerking touch of togetherness. Essentially, ‘New Harbinger’ is engineered purely for massive moments only. Check it out below.

Hyponik · X-Altera – ‘New Harbinger’ (Sneaker Social Club)

X-Altera’s ‘New Harbinger’ EP is out 9th September with Sneaker Social Club. 

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