First Listen: Wayward – ‘Orissa’ [CSGRV remix] (Silver Bear Recordings)

The London duo receive a sublime rework from CSGRV.

This month, Wayward return with a new four-track EP, Orissa, out tomorrow on Rob da Bank’s dance-leaning imprint Silver Bear Recordings. Title track ‘Orissa’ finds the pair exploring new forms and comes backed by powerful remixes from Pepe and Superstition resident and organiser, CSGRV. You can stream his club-ready rework in full below.

With more releases in store this year, we caught up with Wayward to discuss their musical beginnings, the In Lieu parties they co-run at north London’s STYX club, and London’s shifting clubbing landscape.

How did you two start out making music together, and what was the initial outcome?

When we first started writing music together we didn’t really expect it to reach as many ears as it did. We sort of just wrote what we felt like and what we wanted to hear. The tracks got some love and after that we felt everything we made had to be a continuation of that sound. But naturally we grew up and our tastes became more diverse. At a certain point, we were writing music that wasn’t what we would like to hear, but what we thought other people would like to hear. One thing we’ve learnt is that you should always produce music that you love first and foremost and hope that your passion and enthusiasm is transferred to others who listen.

What have you been up to leading up to the Orissa EP?

Whilst we worked all this out we took a long break from the studio, pursuing other projects. We still DJ’d here and there, mostly for friends and promoters we knew closely but we also began teaching music production with an amazing organisation called WAC Arts, who have specialised in offering access to the arts and digital media for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds for over 35 years. When we finally got back into the studio, Orissa was the first demo to come out. From this point, we spent another nine months writing and getting ideas down before showing it to anyone. When we felt we had enough to outline our new direction we prepped the Orissa EP to release with Silver Bear.

Tell us about the In Lieu parties at STYX in north London. Does the night have a mission statement of sorts?

We ended our last club night Dilation in 2014 and it took us a couple of years for the hunger to grow again, at which point we booked the first In Lieu. I think our mission statement was to keep it simple, good DJs, great sound system, low lights and lovely people. A lot of promoters in London are very focused on production building an “experience”, booking DJs that play recognisable tunes so that the crowd go nuts – we were guilty of this with Dilation, too. Having been to other European cities – Glasgow, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Dublin etc – people don’t need that stuff to have fun and get loose. If you can build a vibe off the simple things alone, you’re on to a winner. The other purpose for In Lieu was to try and fill a hole in north London, which is our home but has always been a bit dead for clubbing. While the growth of Tottenham Hale over the last couple of years with venues like STYX and the Manor House warehouse scene is improving things, it would be great to see north London reach the levels of east or south in terms of having a hub of people who want to party.

What’s your booking policy?

It’s not massively genre-defined. We want to book people across the spectrum that we rate. Whether that’s in the world of house, techno, disco or anything else, we hope to get to a place where people can trust us in the music we programme.

Growing up in London, you must’ve witnessed changes in its nightlife over the past 7-8 years. How do you feel about what’s currently on offer?

It’s obviously changed a huge amount. I think we’ve all witnessed the nightlife we were once into getting pushed further and further out of the city from central London to Old Street to Dalston to Hackney Wick and beyond, and that’s only in one direction! On top of that, the list of clubs and venues that have closed down in the past five years also highlights where London is at in terms of nightlife. As we get older it seems like people are a bit more tentative and it’s harder for them to let go. I guess this is partly down to pressures and stresses of living in London (high cost of living, rent prices, competition in the workplace) that’s another story altogether. The bottom line is although it is harder to find it’s still there, venues like Village Underground, Oval Space, XOYO along with promoters like Hydra, Secret Sundaze, Percolate to name only a few are delivering world-beating lineups and attracting audiences who are truly there for the music.

The Orissa EP is out April 14 via Silver Bear Recordings. Order it here.

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