Hear the skittering grime experiments of W3C’s ‘Short Circuit’

The Latvian producer debuts on Infinite Machine.

Fresh from endorsements from Mumdance, Logos and Björk, and the vinyl-only ‘Atmospheric Entry’ for Pinch’s Cold Recordings last year, W3C has returned with a five-track EP for Infinite Machine.

Accompanied by brutalist science fiction artwork, State Of Absolute Alienation is a hefty slab of club pressure – informed by the current slew of forward thinking grime sounds, and punctuated by thumping percussion and distorted noise.

Penultimate track ‘Short Circuit’ is a real highlight – layering skittering rhythms over a palette of overdriven bass, trap-infused keys and mechanical sound design. Listen in full below.

State of Absolute Alienation is out February 24 on Infinite Machine. Pre-order it here.

Featured artwork: Jes Somfay

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