First Listen: Vort – ‘Tulip’ (E-Beamz)

Unknown, but heard, is a description for Vort. This artist keeps himself under-wraps but with a release like this, it’s probable they’ll be lured into the limelight. The EP, ‘Silverlight’ is being released on the prolific E-Beamz, who have published the likes of DJ Boring, DJ Seinfeld, and Hugo Massien; despite the esteemed company, Volt fits right in.

It’s an emotive EP that manages to craft powerful moods in different genres: acid-electro and jungle. While prescribing to these categories, each song is unique when compared to their generic sounds.

We have ‘Tulip’ for you to listen to below. The highlight of the EP, it’s a dreamy story with a quick beat and the occasional hi-hat anchoring the song, emotional synths, and a light breath flows over the tune.

Silverlight is out on March 15 on E-Beamz.

Buy it here.

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