First Listen: Tymotica – ‘Galaxies of Dust’ (Schlachthofbronx Remix)

Ruffhouse meet Rave and Romance. 

For the past five years, Rave and Romance has been the main home for the work of Munich based duo, Schlachthofbronx. They’ve been releasing a steady stream of music that floats between grime, dancehall, bass and reggae, and collaborating with a multitude of artists including Warrior Queen and Riko Dan. The pair are now set to release their newest work, a remix released in collaboration with fellow Munich collective, Ruffhouse. While this is the first time they have released in conjunction with Ruffhouse, this isn’t the pair’s first time releasing in combination with another label, having put out a 10” this time last year with Jahmoni Musik.

The two have taken Ruffhouse co-founder Tymotica’s ‘Galaxies of Dust’ and turned it into a half time, dubbed out roller. A four four kick and rattling subs carry the track along through its rich pallet of wet, slappy delays and atmospheres, reminiscent of Underwater Dancehall era Pinch, only steered more towards the club.

The record doesn’t land until 15th November, when it will arrive on 10” vinyl and digital. Until then you can check out our guide to Ruffhouse’s VA vol.4 which landed dropped earlier this year here.

Galaxies of Dust is out on Rave and Romance/Ruffhouse November 15th.

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