First Listen: Tusken Raiders – ‘Raiderz Skank’ (Seagrave)

A third volume of Tusken Raiders’ ‘Bantha Trax’  is being brought to life with London expert, Seagrave Records.

Founder of the Planet Mu label, Mike Paradinas is known under a number of different aliases, most notably µ-Ziq, Jake Slazenger and Tusken Raiders. The iconic producer has been making moves for over two decades, laying the foundations in part for early UK experimental, electronica and breakcore; working alongside the likes of Aphex Twin – check their ‘Mike & Rich’ project.

Sometime between 1997-1998, Mike’s ‘Lunatic Harness’ sessions took place. A period of recording that bore a series of seminal fruits, the first being ‘Bantha Trax’ EP, a section of tracks landing on Clear Records in 1995. A second volume followed in 1999 via Mike’s own, Planet Mu, but since, the nuggets of this intensive creative time have remained unreleased. Now in 2020, specialist London label Seagrave are bringing a third volume to life. 

Playing host to some of today’s most forward-thinking, contemporary electronic artists, a small sample of Seagrave’s roster includes Low End Activist, Jay Glass Dubs and Interplanetary Criminal; not to mention, Tusken Raiders too. Compiling a selection of eight tracks with Mike himself, Seagrave will release the third volume of Tusken Raiders’ ‘Bantha Trax’. Bringing the momentous body of work into new existence, over ten years on.

A collection of largely-breakbeat tracks, ‘Bantha Trax Vol. 3;’ delivers an insight into the experimental electronica, breakcore and footwork scenes over the past three decades, with a distinct electro uptake. A sure tribute to the raw and rugged, hardware methods of the 90’s, the EP is accompanied by a brutalist, concrete-styled artwork by SODA.

Today we have the pleasure of presenting third track ‘Raiderz Skank’, a jerky hardware jam offering a neat display of breakcore sentiments. The syncopation between gritty and squelchy modulations also nodding to the experimental freneticism of the 90’s period. Teamed with hardcore jungle elements, the track sparks a markedly ‘dutty’ energy. 

Hyponik · First Listen: Tusken Raiders – ‘Raiderz Skank’ (Seagrave)

‘Bantha Trax Vol. 3’ will be out in all stores late September/early October. Vinyl available now on pre-order

Grab it now digitally via Bandcamp.

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