First Listen: Tracing Xircles – ‘Transmission’ (Blue Hour)

Tracing Xircles are back with their first full EP since 2017. 

Tracing Xircles is the collaborative project of Luke Standing and Simon Pilkington. Each producers in their own right, Luke as Blue Hour and Simon as AJ-X, their debut on Luke’s Blue Hour label, ‘Gaia’s Requiem’ EP, formed a silky collection of ambient techno. Flecked with break-beaty elements and trancey harps, this first EP only hinted at both Luke and Simon’s admiration for 90’s rave tendencies.

Now, they’re back with a new spread. Naturally welcomed once again to the Blue Hour label. Titled ‘Air Lock’ EP, this second body of work forms a marked development from their last. Droning, gritty bass to dreamy electro lushness, the four tracks inside come packed with the immediacy of the dancefloor; their sonic spaces bursting with the tools to make us move.

‘Transmission’ is the fastest of the four. Centering a clear adoration for trance, the signature Tracing Xircles’ freshness remains in airy textures and an outward sense of space. Whilst we can only dream of how a dancefloor can feel, ‘Transmission’ takes us there effortlessly in an illustrious six-minute swoop.

Hyponik · First Listen: Tracing Xircles – ‘Transmission’ (Blue Hour)
Tracing Xircles ‘Air Lock’ EP is out 16th November via Blue Hour. 
Grab it here.
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