First Listen: Tracing Xircles – ‘Gaia’s Requiem (Mikkel Rev ‘Temple Of Dreams’ Mix)’ (BLUE HOUR)

Mikkel Rev slaps a pumping trance rework on a classic Blue Hour original.

As far as collaborations go, Luke Standing’s BLUE HOUR label has seen many. Since humble beginnings back in 2013, Standing has invited a host of names to the labels’ plates seeing remixes  from Ben Sims, Truncate and Blasha & Allatt through to lesser known heads such as Tranceman2000 and Dj Ibon; Ibon’s rework most notably finding regular place in the bag of Copenhagen associate, Courtesy.

At the core of Luke Standing’s productions as Blue Hours lies an obsession with the 90’s. A period in music that formed a criss-cross of genres such as IDM, jungle and trance. These elements have come to embody the sound of BLUE HOUR as a label too. This hard hitting, dancefloor-centred style has, as aforementioned, found assimilating factors with that of the Norwegian electronic scene. Therefore, Standing’s link up with Oslo trance collective, UTE seems like the perfect match. Welcoming UTE to rework a selection of tracks from the BLUE HOUR catalogue, UTE-affiliates Mikkel Rev, Omformer, Marilao and Oprofessionell have all contributed to the forthcoming package.

It was back in 2017 that Blue Hour came together with AJ-X under the Tracing Xircles cloak. Delivering their wonderful ‘Gaia’s Requiem’ EP, this work was yet another contribution to the epitomous flow of music coming out of the BLUE HOUR camp. As part of this new collaboration with UTE, Mikkel Rev paints a hefty new picture with the Tracing Xircles original. Under Mikkel, what was once an introspective, feather-light arrangement of airy arps now becomes a pacey dose of pure elation. An all-encompassing trance bop, the caressing melodies of the original are driven by light but intentional kicks and bound by raw, electrifying acid throbs.

Hyponik · First Listen – Tracing Xircles – Gaia’s Reqieum (Mikkel Rev ‘Temple Of Dreams’ Mix) (BLUE HOUR)

The BLUE HOUR X UTE Remixes are out 19th October via BLUE HOUR. 

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