First Listen : Tomás Urquieta – ‘The Curtain Fall’ (Infinite Machine)

Mexico City’s Infinite Machine has been behind some of the most original releases traversing the boundary between experimental and club music in the last few years. Providing a platform to relatively obscure new artists, it’s drawn together a list of signees who are all contributing to the sound of contemporary electronic music.

Tomás Urquieta has amassed a small but impressive catalogue with Infinite Machine, including his 2015 ‘Manuscript’ EP and his widely acclaimed 2016 ‘La Muerte de Todo Lo Novo’ EP. On top of that, he’s contributed remixes that showcase his harsh, razor-sharp percussion.

‘Dueños de Nada’ is Urquieta’s debut album for the label. Incorporating a broad range of influences, including industrial and punk, the album builds upon his previous material, injecting a political edge. The final track ‘The Curtain Fall’ erupts with wild, metallic percussive elements charged with a militant energy. Have a listen.

Dueños de Nada is out September 28th on Infinite Machine.

Pre-order it here.

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