First Listen: Throwing Shade – ‘Dream Scene’ (Beating Heart)

Throwing Shade’s contribution to the first Beating Heart project is a glistening, beatless affair.

Beating Heart – Malawi is the first in a series released by Beating Heart, an initiative that commissions artists to remix recordings from the largest archive of African music in the world. Beating Heart were given special access to the International Library of African Music (ILAM), and made the recordings available for the first time ever to be remixed by a whole of bunch of contemporary producers, with the money raised from the LP going directly to help communities where the music was originally recorded.

The ILAM was created by Ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey, who made 35,000 recordings across Africa between the 1920s & 70s in a bid to preserve the continent’s music for future generations. Artists involved in the first instalment (which is centred on the music of Malawi, and out June 3) include Luke Vibert, Machinedrum, Clap! Clap!, WxT, alongside Malawian musicians Drew Moyo and Sonye.

All the artists involved offered their time for free, with Beating Heart also initiating a nutrition project – Garden To Mouth, which is designed to “provide both health and wealth to communities by offering nutrition from 23 different crops, practical knowledge on how to grow them and also how to profit from linking them to market.”

One of the contributors is London DJ/producer Throwing Shade, who’s best known for a globe-spanning NTS Radio show and her glossy blend of cosmic R&B, which has been released by Ninja Tune, No Pain In Pop and Happy Skull in recent years. Stream Throwing Shade’s ‘Dream Scene’ below – a soupy rework of Ganizani Nyirenda playing ‘I Will Counteract The Diviner’s Charms’ with a ten-note kalimba (mbira). The original was recorded at Chief Kwasi’s Village, Kasungu District, Nyasaland on 22 May 1950. You can check out other snippets of the project’s original recordings via the Beating Heart Soundcloud page.

Featured image: Cat Stevens

Beating Heart – Malawi is out June 3. Pre-order it here.

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