First Listen: Ténèbre – ‘Low Poly’ (WNCL Recordings)

Redline techno wizardry from French experimentalist Ténèbre.

Since first making noise via a series of self-released club experiments back in 2014, Frenchman Paul Ténèbre, better known under his techno project Ténèbre, has found a home for his broken rhythms and rugged breaks in the form of WNCL Recordings.

Active since 2010, the South London label headed up by West Norwood Cassette Library has released pieces by J Tijn, Ekoplekz, Kevin McPhee, Don Froth, Ultramarine and James Duncan over its nine-year life span.

Last featuring on the label’s We Are Family Vol. 4 various artists EP with the curious club slider ‘Nightshift‘, Ténèbre continues on his mission to reinvent the techno landscape on his forthcoming Polystructures EP, coating his complex structures and industrial soundscapes with a harsh layer of grit and red line distortion.

His twisted rave wizardry has never felt more cutthroat, and with four servings of equal terror, you’ll definitely feel the force of these tracks on the dancefloor. Check ‘Low Poly’ below.

Polystructures is out September 27th.

Buy it here.

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