First Listen: Technobeton – ‘No No (Donald Dust Remix)’ (Italo Moderni)

Barcelona’s Italo Moderni ready the debut EP from new faces, Technobeton. 

Starting out as a collaboration in Bulgaria’s Sofia, an aura of mystery surrounds Technobeton (ТЕХНОБЕТОН). Describing themselves as “100% techno and 100% Beton” (Beton is Bulgarian for ‘Concrete’) their music pairs sledge-hammer kicks with synth-heavy experimentation.. They also release music as Discobeton, where they focus on softer tracks with a nu-disco lean. 

After debuting on Bordello A Parigi under Discobeton, they now prep a new Technobeton EP with Barcelona’s Italo Moderni, bridging their nu-disco specialisms with tougher elements.  Travelling between italo-disco and club-centred EBM, the forthcoming three-track EP features remixes from Antoni Maiovvi, Franz Scala and italo-house wizard, Donald Dust.  

On his remix of ‘No No’, Edinburgh-based Donald Dust underpins robotic 80’s sensibilities with a grungy, droning bassline. A swirling and bewitching affair entering directly into the ethereal world of Dust himself. Check it out below.

Hyponik · First Listen: Technobeton- ‘No No (Donald Dust Remix)’ (Italo Moderni)

Technobeton’s ‘Technobeton 2020’ EP is out September 18th via Italo Moderni.

Grab it here

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