First Listen: Sound Synthesis – ‘Analog Soul’ (eudemonia)

A dreamy aquatic drifter from the mysterious electro master. 

There’s something about electro that lurks in the shadows. From the razor sharp or slapping wet flat-out shifters programmed for dark rooms, there’s another side to the genre, a more introspective and emotive strain. Dancing around flitting synth melodies and taking full advantage of sonic space, this style has been carried forth by the likes of Microlith (R.I.P), John Shima, Cignol or Automatic Tasty for example. Yet, it extends throughout a whole network of talented machine masters often dipping into other areas such as IDM or even minimal glitch.

Sound Synthesis, the alias of Maltese producer Keith Farrugia, is yet another member of this particular electro school. With relatively sparse releases in the beginning, recent years have seen a burst of new material housed on quality labels such as Distant Worlds and Fundamental Records. His next EP ‘Analog Soul’ comes via eudemonia. Placing high-tier and versatile electronics together with visual art, the label has seen a similar trajectory to that of Farrugia. Since starting out in 2017 they have welcomed Kosh (a.k.a. OCB), PRZ, Two Smooth Christ and Low Tape to their roster (naming only a few) with each release only building on the last.

Title track ‘Analog Soul’ is exactly as the name may imply; an analog dive into your soul. It’s a shining illustration of how dreamy and emotive electro works, engineered by Farrugia’s attuned command over his machines. Pulling back the layers, you find light acid prods in the mid-range, paired with angelic harps in the highs. Swept up in a classic electro sway, the main melody of ‘Analog Soul’ gives this track unflappable buoyancy. Ready for you to drift away in it’s undeniable embrace. Check it out below.

Hyponik · First Listen: Sound Synthesis – ‘Analog Soul’ (eudemonia)
Sound Synthesis ‘Analog Soul’ EP is out 30th October via eudemonia.
Grab it here
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