First Listen: Soreab – ‘Bifle’ (Lamont Remix)

Swamp 81 mainstay Lamont is the latest UK artist after Walton to lend a hand in a remix for Milan’s Beat Machine Records.

An artist known to operate within many UK centric styles from Swamp 81’s signature bass heavy techno, on which he released “Titanic / Eyes Closed” and his 9 track “Volume 1” mixtape, to full on grime tracks on Keysound Recordings with featured MC’s Grim Sickers and Nico Lindsay.

Resentment by Soreab features four original tracks by the artist, varying in styles as has been seen on previous Beat Machine releases.

The Lamont remix, sitting on the B2, applies grime’s sound palette to the rough and ready framework of the original.

Threatening strings shoot across a backbone of skittish hi-hats and metallic percussion, coming up for air halfway before the track springs back to life, propelled by lurching sub-bass.

Out February 22 on Beat Machine Records.

Pre-order it here.

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