Hear New York producer Soramimi’s pulsating techno on ‘Pure Rubedo’

Coming soon on the Pure Rubedo EP.

Between Dusk Notes, the label she co-runs, and her original productions, New York’s Soramimi has built her identity on creating vivid and distinct experimental techno in a crowded field. For her second solo EP on Dusk Notes, she draws us further into her world, attempting to reconcile sensuality and discomfort, beauty and turbulence.

On the EP’s title track, Soramimi crafts a relentless, pulsating beat, situating it in such a way that it becomes a secondary, though ever present, feature. The key is the constantly shifting melodies that circle the track, flitting in and out of sight in a hypnotising aura. Listen to it below.

Pure Rubedo is out February 20, get it here on release day.

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