First Listen: Siete Catorce – ‘Canto’ (Hypermedium)

Having previously caused a ruckus with releases on labels like Enchufada and NAAFI, Siete Catorce makes his debut on Athens imprint Hypermedium with experimental and deadly club EP, Agnosia.

Joining the dots between Cumbia’s seductive syncopations, the club-driven beats of tribal guarachero and Ruidosón’s spooky experimentation, Agnosia comes packed with the Mexicali-based producer’s “futuristic rhythmic craft and highly hybridised sonic language”.

Of each of the four tracks, we pick out hyper-tribalistic roller ‘Canto’, which sees Siete Catorce fuse broken fragments of dissonant noise with samurai subs and twisted percussion. Lethal!

Agnosia is out May 25 on Hypermedium. 

Preorder it here.

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