First Listen: Serena Butler – ‘Brane New World, Thas Has Such Creatures In It’ (Bene Tleilax)

Debuting almost a year ago on Marco Shuttle’s Eerie label, the ‘ghost’ of Serena Butler‘s ambient techno explorations are themed by topics of artificial intelligence, usurped humanity and gender politics. Self-defined as a “virtual illusion and fe/male reality at the same time,” s/he now launches their own label ‘Bene Tleilax‘ alongside others.

The imprint’s first release has been devised by Serena in the shape of four track EP From The Cloud To Our Bodies, where “dub visions and found sound sculptures oat over a maelstrom of skeletal techno remains”.

Ahead of its release, we’re excited to premiere cut ‘Brane New World, Thas Has Such Creatures In It’, which sees dreamful pads, distant calls and lo-fi ambience fuse into a wonderful wave of late night euphoria. One for the way home.

From The Cloud To Our Bodies is out September 29 on Bene Tleilax. Pre-order it here.

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