First Listen: SC-164 – ‘Walker’s Rights’ (Subapical)

London-based label Subapical has carved out a hardnose, gritty aesthetic with its minimal artwork and mechanical releases. Blurring the lines between industrial, noise, electro and techno, past EPs from The Pulse Projects, Albert van Abbe‘s dark electro alias, and The 15 Dead Minutes have sought out the more macabre side of music. Though melancholy and wicked in character, the label’s output is still suited towards the club space, with DJs such as Helena Hauff and Imogen selecting past releases in various mixes. Imprint bosses Athene and Kristopher Hall set up the label to explore the more experimental and twisted side of dance music, and their upcoming release from SC-164 sticks closely to this mantra.

With past releases on labels such as Stroboscopic Artefacts and Semantica under his Donor alias, as well as an outing on Cultivated Electronics as SC-164, Greg Schappert returns to Subapical with his Transmitter Park EP. Serving up five tracks of ambient, EBM and electro inspiration, the EP showcases the twisted techniques employed by Schappert. Opening track ‘Past Dues’ is a suspenseful piece of chilling stretched-out synths and spooky vocals. ‘Divide PM’ combines room-filling reverberation with stout snares and warped details. Trembling sub bass commands the listeners attention, overpowering the ear with authoritarian control. With a rumbling, droney bassline, ‘Soles Walk’ creates an ominous atmosphere. Cutting snare drums and shuddering stabs add texture, and accentuate the already fearful complexion of the tune. Concluding track ‘Assault On Your Assembly’ is another slow-building and ominous tune. Solemn snares, mysterious horns and crackling electronics culminate in dramatic fashion, producing a tense ending to the release.

The synergetic character of the EP is best represented by A2 track ‘Walker’s Rights’. Blending obvious elements of electro, EBM and industrial, the track rumbles and grumbles with reckless abandon. Sharp hi-hats, sinister kick drums and probing snares form the percussive element of the track, whilst a growling melody of undualting synths and eerie bleeps engulfs the ear. Have a listen to the EP’s highlight below.

Grab your copy of SC-164’s new EP on the Subapical Bandcamp here.

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