First Listen: S II P – ‘Untitled’ (Banoffee Pies Records)

Bristol based label and music collective Banoffee Pies is the working of friends Ell Weston and Sandy Hagenbach. Affiliated with clothing brand Dr. Banana, the Banoffee Pies collective started around 2013. Their now global parties operate a “no signature sound” policy, and it’s this aesthetic that also carries into their musical output with a variety of different focuses that range from club material to beat driven to ambient territory, featuring music from Ruf Dug, Mark Nicholas, Contours, Admin and more in recent times.

Mainly releasing specialist compilations by a variety of artists, the imprint’s only criteria is on the quality of the music, not on the success of an artist’s previous work. This is evident in their Black Label series which again sees the collective widen their scope, this time focusing on minimal techno and raw club music.

Set to release BPBL02.2 in September, new label signees provide the three individual tracks that make the record, coming from a darker angle than BP’s regular output. We’re excited to premiere A2, the ‘Untitled’ minimal exploration from upcoming Lithuanian artist S II P that teases intricate percussion and subtle textures across its journey.

Banoffee Pies Black Label 02.2 is out September 8 on Banoffee Pies Records. Pre-order it here.

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