First Listen: Rico Casazza – ‘Vapor Pad’ (V-Stok Remix)

Loose Lips offer up Casazza’s IDM-tingler for redesign with striking results.

Following releases by Masaki Uchida, Cindys Pearl and Charlie Manson, UK outfit Loose Lips continue on their push of quality underground electronic music via a series of re-interpretations of Rico Casazza’s ‘Vapor Pad’, a track that was originally released back on their 10th compilation Album in aid of the Refugee Community Kitchen​.

Featuring 7 alternate cuts of Rico’s IDM-infused roller, efforts come from extended LL family members like Fred Brooks, Tudor Acid and T-Scale, with each episode exploring new sonic possibilities for ‘Vapor Pad’ whilst retaining its frosty aesthetic.

Our favourite comes from electronic live performer V-Stok, who’s fuzzy redesign takes Rico’s melancholic textures into particularly murky territory. Listen in full below.

Vapor Pad Remixes EP is out July 26th on Loose Lips.

Look out for more info via their website here.

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