First Listen: RHR – ‘Valquiria’ (Omnidisc)

Gritty favela-inspired techno from RHR on Danny Daze’ Omnidisc.

Brazilian born and a São Paulo resident, RHR finds influence on this new release from the favelas of his childhood, and Brazil’s vibrant old-school dance scene. The MC’s of Brazil, Primo and Barriga, Proibidão and national rappers Ndee Naldinho, 509e and Racionais complete the musical make-up of an artist bringing his own personal attitude to a new EP on Danny Daze’s Omnidisc.

Speaking on the release, Omnidisc describe RHR’s entry as ‘4 weighty cuts of high precision club
music’, with the main arrangements being engineered on an ‘array of analogue machines and demonic vocoders with sub-low pressure that is second to none’. The tracks are machine driven, and the percussion is lethal, ready to corrupt dancefloors of the world.

If you’ve caught Ben UFO, Batu or Solid Blake over the last month or so, chances are, you’ve probably already heard the fruits of RHR’s labour. If you haven’t, we’ve got you covered.

Wrap your ears around an exclusive first listen of driving techno bomb Valquiria below.

Nocturnal Fear is out June 7th on Omnidisc.

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