First Listen: Reptant – ‘Transcendents From The Outer Sphere’ (Craigie Knowes)

No-one makes electro quite like Australia’s lizard, Reptant. There’s a sludgy buoyancy to every release that bears the name, sculpting the signature sound for a producer on the rise.

An intricate and quirky back story describes Reptant as being a “lizard [who] ended up in a drain pipe after a storm”, and had “built a studio out of foraged electronic components”. Also the “suspected leader” of the Lizard tech miltia’, he’s turned in cold blooded releases for Tomahawk, Salt Mines, and most notably D. Tiffany‘s Planet Euphorique, with title track ‘Freq Accident’ also making an appearance on DJ Seinfeld’s 2018 DJ Kicks mix.

2019 sees more of the same from Reptant, and the next release sees the producer, ‘real name’ Reppi T. Lizrd, tapped up by Glaswegian imprint Craigie Knowes. Using “technical sounds” and “field recordings” New Advancements In Lizard Tech™ looks to carry on the whimsical narrative, with 3 scaly cuts of scuttling electro and reptilian IDM that’s “fit for consumption and understanding by the privative human mind”. It’s ambitious, but remains rooted to Reptant’s trademark style, with a likeness to our lizard making a break across the open field from its drain pipe home in search of materials.

Listen the ethereal acid of ‘Transcendence From The Outer Sphere’ below

New Advancements In Lizard Tech™ is out July 1st 2019

You can pre-order it here

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