First Listen: R.O.S.H. – ‘Will I Make The Turn’ (Negative Space [Ma])

With efforts on Drumz for Eternity and his own imprint ROSH in the past year, R.O.S.H.’s forthcoming EP on Negative Space [Ma] will make the third in a quick succession of well-received releases, building to a promising discography. This, coupled with the support of his music coming from Young Marco, Hodge and Joy Orbison, is quickly making the Hertfordshire producer a force to be reckoned with.

‘Will I Make The Turn’ is the musical materialisation of a memory of the journey going from club, to car, to home, with streetlights flickering overhead. The track is based around a phasing, arpeggiating, mutating synth line with minimal drum licks that flutter in an out. Sudden hammering kick drums appear out of nowhere as well as distorted booms and breakbeats, making this a gripping sonic experience that will keep you hooked and pleasantly surprised throughout.

R.O.S.H. ‘Will I Make The Turn’ is out May 25 on Negative Space [Ma].

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