Quays and Lixo team up for IDA EP, stream ‘I Can’t’

London DJ, label owner, producer and promoter Lixo has been on the London scene with his collective GETME! for over ten years.

After initially presuming producer Quays was from New York, Lixo – having been a fan of the producer – discovered he was, in fact, London-based and took it upon himself to seize the opportunity to collaborate and create a five-track project. The IDA EP, which lands May 5 via GETME! is dark and eerie, melding contorted vocal samples, spaced-out synths, high-velocity percussion and bass weight to produce a varied collection of tracks with a cohesive quality.

Ahead of release this Friday, you can check out EP track ‘I Can’t’ below. Speaking on the track, Lixo says:

“I tried to approach the track in a different mindset to how I would normally treat a solo track, it’s hard not to be aware of genre and context but when you are collaborating it’s a joint effort so, in a sense, you are somewhat liberated by having to agree on creative decisions rather than struggle with the internal back and forth that comes with working alone. It becomes a quicker process, more fluid. I think the track references a multitude of genres whilst not adhering to their expectations.”

The IDA EP is out May 5. Grab it here.

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