First Listen: Pixelord & Born In Flamez – ‘Blockchain’ (Infinite Machine)

Today we’re bringing you an exclusive first listen to a cut from Russian producer Pixelord‘s forthcoming EP on Infinite Machine, Blockchain.

His third release for the label, Blockchain follows on from 2013’s Moosebumps and 2014’s Polgyon Fane. More recently, Pixelord released Human.exe, a cyber-futurist, IDM-influenced dystopian vision, on his own Hyperboloid imprint.

The title track is a collaborative one, produced with Berlin artist Born In Flamez. Both artists have a deep-rooted interest in technology, cybernetics and futurism, concepts which define both their approach and aesthetic.

‘Blockchain’ sounds like a cybernetic journey through the mind of a schizophrenic, short-circuited robot. Overdriven, neon-lit synths collide with abrasive, metallic percussion while digital rain falls across the landscape.

IDM and D&B influences are noticeable in the rhythmic template, but it’s the conceptual vision – robotics, AI, futurism – that so clearly informs the track’s impressively unique sound design and makes this one stand out.

Blockchain is out December 1 on Infinite Machine. Pre-order here.

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