First Listen: Paul & Shark – ‘Liquid Technicolor Blanket Of Disconnect’ (Denham Audio Remix)

Free Time Discs, the imprint and brainchild of Paul & Shark leaves frills at the door; their only public manifesto reading 10″ records for the unfortunate. Wear a lot of camo so haters won’t see you. Kill Jeff Bezos®”. Yet regardless of their fairly inexplicable nature, their output speaks volumes. In line with their aforementioned ethos, Free Time Discs are going back to the roots of ’90s rave in a real way. Raw in feeling and quite frankly, bonzer in quality, their second and forthcoming 10inch is one piece of vinyl worth investigating. 

Unapologetic and direct, FREETIME002’s ‘Liquid Blanket of Technicolour Disconnect’ explores clear lines from Italian trance, UK house and bass music. But who else would be most equipped to lend their mits to a remix than Denham Audio; ‘Sheffield trio heavily involved with Bass and Breaks’.

Perfectly matched to the sentiments of the Freetime crew, Denham take what they know best and amplify it by twelve! Breaks upon breaks, measured with weighty kicks, Denham take Paul & Shark’s original on a filthy gary-geared joy ride. Delivering an unfiltered hit of ’90s pirate radio and warehouse euphoria, you’re defied the power to stay still for this one.  

FREETIME002 is out on 27th September.

Pre-order here.

Words: Sophie McNulty 

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