First Listen: Paleman – ‘Reso Clay’ (Neighbourhood)

Since arriving on the scene in 2012, Calum Lee aka Paleman has always pursued a sound that exploits the depths.

Rough-around-the-edges and gritty, his productions have navigated their way from bass heavy dubstep, to pummelling techno over the course of 7 years. In a recent Hyponik feature Lee stated “Over the past 2 years I’ve made the switch to writing my music entirely with hardware” something that’s audibly obvious in the progression of his output – murky, powerful and organic.

With an evolving sonic aesthetic comes a flirtation with different labels. Lee debuted on Fulrcum before making a name for himself on Loefah’s Swamp 81. This course eventually lead to setting up his own PLMN as an outlet for the new style techno he was pushing.

We now find Paleman preparing his entry for The Hive: Volume 1, the latest V/A from UK techno label Neighbourhood. Ben Sims, dBridge and Cadans are amongst the other names featuring on the 8 tracker, showing off their punishing flair for driving rhythmic journeys. As an established party close to its 10th year in operation, Neighbourhood head honcho Tasha has pulled together previous label associates, club night bookings and long time friends for a family affair.

Paleman’s contribution, ‘Reso Clay’, is a signature modular jam; deep, dark and hypnotic. Brief, but tense breakdowns offer up respite, adding to the moody atmospheres Lee masterfully crafts. It feels at home deep into the night, where heads down is the only policy. Check it below.

The Hive: Volume 1 releases 30th September 2019 via Neighbourhood.

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