First Listen: Nanook of The North – ‘Arfernat’ (Denovali Records)

Polish duo Nanook of the North are electronic musician Piotr Kalinski  (Hatti Vatti) and composer/multi-instrumentalist Stefan Wesolowski.

The inspiration for their collaborative project came about when the two were invited to the Sopot Film Festival in Gdansk to produce an improvised live score for a film of their choosing. They chose the classic 1922 silent film “Nanook of The North”, and their experience scoring it inspired them to produce something that is “partly a soundtrack to that movie and partially something that sprawls way beyond the edges of a screen.”

Recorded in Iceland, the eponymous album blends acoustic and electronic sounds seamlessly to evoke expansive, icy environments, dystopian cityscapes and even 80’s sci-fi horror menace.

The interplay between synthetic and organic sounds brings to mind Erased Tapes’ Kiasmos, or Actress’ recent work with the LCO. Today we’re premiering ‘Arfernat’, a ghostly cut from the new record.

Nanook of the North is out 23 February 2018 on Denovali Records. 

Featured Image: Tomasz Miko

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