First Listen: Mun Sing – ‘Reptile’ (Zone Collective)

Mun Sing joins fellow sonic post-futurists Kleft, Lord Real and RIDLER, who currently runs Zone Collective alongside LAF Tebano, for a ten-track compilation of “anarchic dance music”.

Having recently released on Portals Editions, Howling Owl Records and most recently Timedance as part of the techno powerhouse duo Giant Swan, Mun Sing is continuing his solo venture with a contribution to the Zone Compilation Vol 1., with a track entitled ‘Reptile’.

Much like his debut EP on Infinite Machine, this piece encapsulates the broken rhythm, distortion driven focused direction of his sound.

A barrage of kick drums rolls coupled with the onslaught of mangled vocal samples offers little comfort throughout the track. Mun Sing is clearly aware of the constricting boundaries placed on dance floor functional music, and, knows exactly how to break them down.

Catch the collective at their launch party at Mayhem in Copenhagen on the 27th of April, tickets and more info here. 

‘Reptile’ will be out as part of the Zone Collective Compilation Vol 1.

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