First Listen: Moloch Horridus – ‘Worlds Apart’ (Amniote Editions)

Tred goes undercover as Moloch Horridus for the next Amniote Editons capsule release.

Founded by Copenhagen DJ, Mama Snake and LA-based visual artist, Rose Marie Johansen, Amniote Editions is a multi-disciplinary platform yielding wild and wonderful creations. With music as their main output, they marry this with stunning mixed media forms collaborating with designers, artists and all-round creators to produce stylistic and unique accompanying material. Firing out releases in what they call a ‘capsule’ format, previous work from the collective has drawn interesting outcomes, with all contributing producers going undercover with new pseudonyms exclusive to Amniote.

As they ready their next edition, ‘DCX’, they back Australian producer Tred to work his genius under the name, Moloch Horridus. Based out of Berlin for a small while now, the presence of Tred’s music continues to grow as his tracks never fail to set dancefloors ablaze. His short but sweet bio ‘high power, deep emotion’ tells you all you need to know about his work. You know you’re listening to a Tred tune when you feel your muscles and heart-strings tugging in unison, to dizzying effect.

Under Moloch Horridus, Tred provides a spread of pure power across his four-track capsule, from freaky bops and warm euphoria through to real introspective moments. At it’s core, ‘Worlds Apart’ feels like edgy, heads down electro, skanked up with murky sub-bass that gleams with dubstep nuance. A joyful pairing, but it’s not in Tred’s nature to stop here. The beauty of this track lies in the angelic high ranges with trance and happy hardcore inspired synths injecting a pure lift of emotion. ‘Worlds Apart’ is a Tred-signature emotional coaster ride. Take a listen for yourself below.

Hyponik · Moloch Horridus – ‘Worlds Apart’ (Amniote Editions)

The ‘DXC’ capsule will be released 2nd October. Grab it here

Artwork: Rose Marie Johansen

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