First Listen: Mighty Mark & TT The Artist – ‘Ping Pong’ (DJ Earl Teklife Remix)

Now a leading figure of the footwork movement, DJ Earl was once a protégé of Chicago pioneers DJ Spinn and DJ Rashad. He started out as a battle dancer before joining the Teklife family and forming his own brand of nutty 160 flavours that he now spreads across the globe.

With ties to imprints like Hyperdub, Planet Mu and All Roads Music, Earl’s 2016 album Open Your Eyes remains his most high profile record to date, presenting footwork in one of its most weird and wonderful states in a full length that took two years to make and saw collaborations with Oneohtrix Point Never and MoonDoctor.

His latest work marks a a return to London-via-Paris label Moveltraxx, as they ready up the 12th edition of their Street Bangers Factory VA compilation. With efforts from the likes of Big Dope P, Alex Autajon, DJ Manny, Dudley Slang and Amadeezy, Earl’s number sees him take on Mighty Mark & TT The Artist’s ‘Ping Pong‘ classic, as the Baltimore Club music iconic duo get the killer Teklife touch. Listen in full below.

Street Bangers Factory 12 is out July 26th on Moveltraxx.

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