First Listen: Mickey Pearce – ‘Top 5 Goat Memes’ (Ten Thousand Yen)

A humorous title does nothing to diminish the serious quality of the impending 12”.

In recent years, Mickey Pearce’s music has been synonymous with brooding, minimal percussion that sends clubs into a frenzy. True to form, following his recent full-length Michael, the Swamp 81 luminary returns to Ten Thousand Yen for a quick and dirty EP of storming bass and beats in Top 5 Goat Memes.

On this EP Pearce blends creative samples with dark and energetic drum patterns. While flirting with different flavours of techno, like the playful ‘Bumpy Chuckles’ and the ominous ‘Readies New Material’, Pearce never loses that club-ready urgency we’ve come to expect from his productions.

The pounding, relentless kick drum of ‘Top 5 Goat Memes’ summons immediate images of a dark, sweaty rave, while the glimmers of keys layered over the top give it a pensive quality. Stream it below.

Top 5 Goat Memes is out November 25 on vinyl and December 2 on digital. Pre-order via Bandcamp.

Featured image: Steve Braiden

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