First Listen: Maribor – ‘Catabol’ (MRBR002)

London producer Maribor’s bass experiments are an obvious homage to underground UK club music. Striving for a balance between something new whilst nodding towards cult movements, Maribor grew up on pirate radio and the diverse sounds across the FM spectrum, flicking between the worlds of house, garage, techno, funky and beyond.

Having released for the likes of Super Kitchen, as well as put out his debut EP, 25-54, earlier in the year, Maribor has headed-up his physical only label Badimup since 2012 – home to releases from artists like Wen, Facta, and K-Lone.

His focus now however, is only of his music, with his latest effort Anabol the second in his self-released MRBR series. Arriving as three intricate club numbers, today we premiere the funky scatter of ‘Catabol’. Hear in full below.

Anabol is out June 1. Preorder it here

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